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Dimensions is a single player, first person puzzle platformer where the player must escape an Egyptian tomb, by solving puzzles and jumping between two dimensions, each with it's own physics and geometry. There are 8 distinct levels to play, starting out easy and building up to more difficult brain teasers. 

Play as an explorer from the 1900s, searching the thought-to-be lost tomb of Osiris, god of life, death and the after-life. Once your exploration begins, you find yourself trapped in the tomb! You stumble across a magical ankh mirror that emanates power, perhaps you can use this to escape?


  • Preview and switch between two distinct dimensions
  • Run, jump and climb your way through platforming puzzles
  • Use a variety of ancient contraptions to open doors and position lifts
  • Avoid dangerous stonesnakes, which turn into harmless statues in the light dimension
  • Stay away from the lethal spike traps


Dimensions was developed by a solo developer over the course of 3 months, as part of a university honours project. The main objective was to create a playable game experience, while also improving skills as a developer, including learning new technologies such as Shadergraph. The project was also intended to be a strong portfolio piece going forward.

Install instructions

Download the Dimensions installer, and follow the on screen instructions!


Dimensions Setup.exe 127 MB

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